Trouble With The Slaves, Part 3

Lifestyle Mistress and FLR-pioneer Mrs. Claudia and her sexy little slave girl are teaching Mrs. Claudia’s unruly slave husband a harsh lesson in obedience. He was jealous that Mrs. Claudia enjoyed playing with the slavegirl more than she enjoyed his company so when Mistress was away, he decided to leave the poor helpless slavegirl tied up and subject her pretty little pussy to some tease & denial. Unfortunately for him, Mrs. Claudia discovered his disobedience and now he’s paying the price for it. The slave’s cock and balls are tied up tightly and subjected to high intensity vibrations without relief while the slavegirl sits on his face. Mrs Claudia and her slavegirl share a sexy, passionate kiss to rub her husband’s nose in the fact it’s going to be very, very long time before he is allowed to orgasm again.

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